Here is a list of questions people usually ask me.


Why your website is like this ?

I value simplicity. The purpose of this website is to share my thoughts and research with others and not to impress them with a shiny and heavy good looking website.

Where can I find your CV ?

You can find my CV Here, I try to keep it up to date ( Not always though :D ).

How do you keep up with your work and research ?

I use org-mode to manage my life mostly, But beside that I have priorities in my life and when things come to my way I process them based on my priorities. For example I love to play the Guitar but as long as I have time for it and it doesn't interfier with my priorities.

I usually partition my days into chunks of two days time and dedicate the main goal of each chunks to a cetain project that I have to work on. It makes the context switch less painfull. BTW I use org-mode to take notes and track my progress in my research and project and also when I read books.

What do you do for fun ?

Usually video games, Anime music and sports.


What GNU/Linux distro do you use ?

I used to use Debian unstable for 14 years. But I moved to Gentoo just because I care about my security and I hate Systemd.

What editor/IDE do you use ?

I use my own editor, FG42 which is based on on the mighty GNU/Emacs and publicly available under GPLv2 license.

What desktop environment/window manager do you use?

Again, I use editor FG42 for that purpose as well. I boot directly into my editor and manage everything from there.

What's your favorite programming language ?

I don't have any bias toward any specific language, But I've found the Lisp family to be really good.

Have you studied Software engineering in college ?


How can I improve as an engineer ?

I'm not an advisor and frankly I'm somewhere in my own journey and far from the end. But I can give one piece of advise. Whatever you do, try to be scientificly literate.

Where is your hang out place up on the internet ?

I'm an IRC user and I usually hang out in the //libera.chat/#5hit channel.


What do you do in Science ?


What is your field of study ?

Quantum field theory

I though you're an engineer, What's your deal?

Well, I love physics. Simply I want to know more. The universe baffles me.

What do you suggest to those who want to start in science ?

I'm not an advisor and even not a top notch scientist, So I can't give you any good advise, But I share my own experience with you. The most important thing is to keep an open mind, always think like us humans are not the center of universe and finally learn algebra.