Rational and a name

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This post is a draft and I'll finish it gradually

As I mentioned in My new programming language, I'm creating a new programming language. I'll try to pick up good points of different programming languages and avoid the cons of them. One of the most important aspects of any project is to have a rational for it. It's what I learned from Clojure's culture. Rationals are a big deal in any clojure developers world. As fan I'd like to start my new programming language by writing down the rational of what I'm trying to achieve.

Rational (Take 1) and goals

So far, the main reason to create a new language for me is to learn more and educate myself. But it doesn't mean that I'm aiming for a toy language. I want to create a general purpose language that solves some problems. Here is a list of reasons that made me consider the idea of creating a new language (in no specific order):

Lisp is superior

I think the world needs more and more dialects of Lisp. It's the second oldest programming language in the world and as far as I know the oldest one that is still active. Lisp is elegant and amazing, but unfortunately not so many programmers know about it. Even most of the those people who heard the name are distracted by the "parenthesis". But they're missing the fact that there is a good reason for all those parenthesis. Lisp is the simplest language I know, its programs are written in its own datatypes. How simple is that???

You might hear that God has created the universe in Lisp. Lisp is amazing and I consider a programmer who has understood the Lisp way, the luckiest.

I'd my new language to be Lisp, because just being a Lisp brings a huge deal to the table.


FP is the future

Development process

Better core development

Built-in Concurrency and parallelism

A Name

If you're a programmer, I'm pretty sure that you already experienced the terror of trying to find a name for your project. Frankly, It's even hard to find a good name for your variable.

After about 10 days of searching finally my wife came up with a good name. Serene. Calm and peaceful. I like it. It's simple and beautiful with a great meaning.

I can't wait to start working on it. :P