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29 Nov 2014
Fatty Liver

Years ago I was a professional basketball player, playing the point guard. Some day my foot broke in a match and I stayed at home for about 6 month. I those days I thought eating more food equal to recovering faster from injury ( Yeah I know I was young ). Before the injury I was about 73Kg, and after the injury I turned 117Kg ( Wow I knooww).

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24 Sep 2014
Mobile Apps & pre-populated databases

In the past couple of weeks I was working on Mobile application which was a math related game. As always I used our beloved Susanoo framework for the task which use Apache Cordova internally.

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27 Apr 2013
I'm back

It's been a long time since I deactivated my blog to improve its web application and use it again. But I was too busy with my other works and I can't spend much time on ultra blog. So I decided to create a simple and temporary blog to share some of my opinions and experiences with others, For that purpose I chose jekyll to create a static generated weblog. I'm completely satisfied with Jekyll since it written in Ruby.

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About Me

My name is Sameer and I'm a senior developer and at Yellowen and a proud member of GNU Project. Also I'm an active Karajluger. I love programming and I spend most of my time developing Free software. I don't like to write a lot of articles or be involved to much into the philosophy of things, Instead I like to do practical things and I let my work speak for itself.

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